Many businesses who operate with a subscription model will often run into a situation where a customer payment card expires and requires an update.  There are many different billing systems out there and you probably won’t have a need for a letter of this type unless you are manually billing your customer cards.

If you do need to reach out to a customer to update the credit card on file to pay their account you can use the sample letter / email below.

We have a particular billing situation where the customer account is manually billed and recorded each month. Because of that the credit card expiration is updated manually.

In this case, the following e-mail is sent to the customer with the request to complete and return the “free credit card authorization form“.  When this is returned, you will ensure that you have the customer signature on file and will invariably provide you a level of protection in the case of a charge-back from the customer.

This version is for a customer who has an expired card for an account where a fixed monthly payment is due.  Keep it short and simple.

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