Now, this isn’t exactly a “free authorization form”, but I decided that this site could serve more than that simple purpose.

The following attachment is an MP3 file that is a “This Call May be Recorded and Monitored” prompt for a phone system.

I was working on a project that required a call recording prompt. We are building out a number tracking system for a client and decided to use Twilio for our telecom solution. It is simple to use a verb in Twilio that would state This call may be recorded and monitored for quality assurance.. However, the robotic voice that comes from a telecom system is probably not as soothing to an end user. Because of that, we decided we should play an mp3 file for our callers.

I thought it would be simple to locate a free stock mp3 recording that provided the “call being recorded” disclaimer, but that wasn’t the case. Rather than recording our own (no one wants to hear a gruff middle aged guy) we sought one out. Eventually we selected a call from a major company and edited the mp3 audio file (using Audacity). After our edits (seek out some Audacity “change voice” tutorials for your own), we had a file that was the proper pitch, tempo and tone for our own call disclaimer / prompt.

I have attached a source file for your own use. Use it as a sample for your own recording or edit. Good luck and have fun.

Source File: